Flower Festival 2012

Flower Festival 2012 “Scenes from Mark’s Gospel”

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DSCF5462The Resurrection

Some seed fell in good soil and produced a great harvest... Mark 4 v 8Parable of the Sower

The Last Supper.. Mark 14 v 25 Clean and Unclean – Mark 7 v3-4

DSCF5497The Harvest

DSCF5496The Withered Fig Tree – Mark 11 v20-21

DSCF5494Jesus Walks on Water – Mark 6 v47-49

The Prayer CornerPrayer Corner

They crucified two bandits with him... Mark 15 v 27The Central Display

To such as them belongs the Kingdom of Heaven... Mark 10 v 14Jesus Blesses Little Children

Hosanna, blessed is he who is coming in the name of the Lord... Mark 11 v 9The Triumphant Entry

Is a lamp brought to be put under a pot or under the bed? ... Mark 4 v 21A Lamp on a Stand – Mark 4 v21-23

DSCF5478The Soldiers Mock Jesus

He was transfigured... Elijah appeared to them with Moses... Mark 9 v 2 - 8

The Transfiguration – Mark 9 v2-4

DSCF5478The Soldiers Mock Jesus

Flower Festival 2012 “Scenes from Mark’s Gospel”


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