The Allen Memorial was built in 1904 and is named for John Allen.  John Allen was one of the pioneers of the north eastern Alkali trade. Born in South Shields in 1791, he was trained as a druggist. He lived at Heworth between 1828 and 1847, and was active in the Felling Methodist Chapel. He seems to have founded the Heworth Shore alkali works in 1828, with a river frontage of 133 feet; production was on quite a small scale. In 1836, Allen and his partner Thomas Coultherd bought the adjacent chemical works (not alkali, but sulphuric acid was produced) of Francis Hutchinson M D, which had been begun in c.1830. Allen now ran both works as the High Works and the Low Works, styled the Heworth Chemical Works. The lease on the original Heworth Shore works expired in 1847, and the Allen-Coultherd partnership was dissolved. At the subsequent auction, Coultherd bought the works for £16,000. From 1848 to 1860, in which year he died, Allen lived at The Red House, Wallsend, facing the Green. He was responsible for building the Zion chapel. The present Allen Memorial Methodist Chapel commemorates his name.
[Stafford Linsley’s annotation from his collection contributing to “SINE – Structural Images of the North East” at Newcastle University.]

Images of the Church in 1973 from Stafford Linsley Collection (C)

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