First Messy Church

Volunteers from the Church ran the Allen’s first Messy Church on Thursday the 26th of April.  The theme was the feeding of the 5,000, there were craft actvities for the children as well as time spent in Church and refreshments. The event was a great success. The next messy church will…



A warm welcome to the Allen Memorial Methodist Church Website. Allen Memorial is a friendly Methodist Church. Our Sunday morning services often include infant baptism and all age worship. Our evening worship tends to be a more traditional preaching service. We are very willing to conduct wedding and funeral services…


Flower Festival 2012

Flower Festival 2012 “Scenes from Mark’s Gospel”

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DSCF5462The Resurrection

Some seed fell in good soil and produced a great harvest... Mark 4 v 8Parable of the Sower

The Last Supper.. Mark 14 v 25 Clean and Unclean – Mark 7 v3-4

DSCF5497The Harvest

DSCF5496The Withered Fig Tree – Mark 11 v20-21

DSCF5494Jesus Walks on Water – Mark 6 v47-49

The Prayer CornerPrayer Corner

They crucified two bandits with him... Mark 15 v 27The Central Display

To such as them belongs the Kingdom of Heaven... Mark 10 v 14Jesus Blesses Little Children

Hosanna, blessed is he who is coming in the name of the Lord... Mark 11 v 9The Triumphant Entry

Is a lamp brought to be put under a pot or under the bed? ... Mark 4 v 21A Lamp on a Stand – Mark 4 v21-23

DSCF5478The Soldiers Mock Jesus

He was transfigured... Elijah appeared to them with Moses... Mark 9 v 2 - 8

The Transfiguration – Mark 9 v2-4

DSCF5478The Soldiers Mock Jesus

Flower Festival 2012 “Scenes from Mark’s Gospel”